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Bible Studies and Classes

Studying God's Word helps us to grow in our Christian faith. Consider attending one of our Bible Studies to continue growing in your faith! You are welcome to join anytime!
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Sunday Morning Bible Study and Midweek Bible Study

Our Sunday class meets shortly after the conclusion of Sunday Worship, usually starting between 10:15 and 10:30 and goes for about an hour. We are currently studying forgiveness and reconciliation in light of Luther's Small Catechism. 

Our midweek Morning Bible Study meets on Tuesdays from 10:30--11:30 AM.  We are currently studying the Gospel of Matthew.





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Confirmation and Adult Instruction Classes

Interested in learning more about the Christian faith? Considering joining Holy Cross as a member? We currently offer two kinds of instruction class:

1) Small Group Adult Instruction Class-  We periodically offer Adult Instruction classes on what we as Lutheran Christians believe. This five week class is very informal in nature and allows for free discussion. It gives a broad overview of the Christian faith and also discusses what it means to be a member at Holy Cross. Occasionally, we also cover the same material in a one-day retreat. Please reach out to us if you'd like to join!


2) Being Lutheran- Not able to make the class? Read through Being Lutheran at your own pace and talk with Pastor Craig as you progress through the book. Online videos and discussion questions accompany the class. 

Looking for other opportunities?

Gathering together to study God's Word is an awesome thing! What's not awesome is when you would like to study the Bible or talk about the Christian faith, but cannot because of time constraints. We recognize this and are open to meeting at other times as well. If you are interested in a Bible study at another time, others probably are as well! Please contact us if you have a thought about a time, topic, and place for a new Bible study! 

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