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Join Us for Worship- Sunday Mornings at 9:00 AM.

Want to learn more about Holy Cross? There's no better way than to join us for worship as we hear God's Word and are transformed again by His gifts of forgiveness and grace for us! We worship at 9:00 AM every Sunday. Want to dive deeper into your Christian Faith? Stick around for Bible Class following the service. Couldn't make it? Watch the sermon for this week on our website, or view other sermons from previous weeks.
What to Expect When You Arrive

When you join us for worship at Holy Cross, you can expect several things:

- You'll be greeted when you come in. We want you to feel welcome!

- You'll receive a bulletin. This will guide us through the worship service.


-You'll hear some announcements. We want our members and guests to be informed.


-You'll greet those around you and be greeted by those around you. As a church, we show show our care and love for each other in this way.


- You'll worship with us and be blessed by the message of God's love for you in Jesus Christ!

What to Expect During Worship

Holy Cross uses a "traditional" style  of service. This style follows a liturgy, or order of service, and we sing hymns played on the organ, with some songs played on the piano.

The service will go through the bulletin you received when you arrived, and will include things like: singing, confessing our sins and hearing God’s love and forgiveness for us in Christ, readings from the Bible, a sermon on one of those readings, prayer, offering, and, on first and third Sundays of the month, celebrating Holy Communion.

What to Expect After Worship

After the blessing and closing hymn, you’ll be greeted as you leave church. Our Pastor or Vicar might ask you some questions, but not to bother you! They just want to learn more about you and are glad you joined us for worship today!


Following the service, feel free to join us in the fellowship room (across from the sanctuary) for coffee and cookies, as well as for our Sunday Morning Bible Study as we learn more about our Christian faith!

Where Do I Park?

As you drive east on Market Street into downtown, Market Street will become one-way after 3rd Street. After you pass the candy shop on your right, there is an entrance (also on the right side of the road) for public parking, indicated by this sign.


If the lot is full, you are free to park along 2nd Street.

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